Transformation. Empowerment. Education. Healing.

Like the branches of a tree, our practitioners help you to blossom and grow.

Like the roots of a tree, they keep you grounded as you grow.​


Carin Duteau

Yoga Instructor

    Carin took her first yoga class in 2014 with Anne Dries at Buddha Nest Yoga. It proved to be a release for the grief she was still carrying a year after her mom died. She learned about watching the breath and it’s relationship to the mind, the importance of daily gratitude, and mindful movement. In time, she saw her balance, strength and flexibility improve. Her journey continued.

    In 2016, Carin received her Fluid Yoga 200 hour Yoga Alliance certification under the amazing Kevan Gale and his team. That life changing experience opened her mind to learning more, and she became certified in Yin Yoga, YogaMinded for teens, Reiki I & II. She also became a cancer-informed yoga Instructor thru Bodhi and Mind Yoga. Carin loves the creativity of Vinyasa, and sprinkles her classes with a focus on body awareness, mindfulness of movement and gratitude.

Kate Hamm

Yoga Instructor

    Kate loves to be a catalyst for others by inspiring and teaching them to find their path to wellness. Over the years, she has assisted thousands of celebrities, executives, athletes, and fitness enthusiasts lose weight and adopt healthier habits. Having lived in several states and countries, Kate is back in Massachusetts and is excited to be teaching in her home city of Worcester.

    Her yoga classes infuse several modalities to improve flexibility with strength and biomechanics. Many of her classes include Yoga Tune Up® therapy balls to increase embodiment and enhance the yoga practice. Kate believes that yoga is for everyone.

    Kate has a BS in Exercise Science from Ithaca College. She has trained with Jill Miller, Jillian Pranksy, Lauren Hanna, Jonathan Fields, and others over the years. 

Shagufta Rahman

Yoga Instructor

    Shagufta first came to yoga during college, taking classes as they were available. This basic introduction to yoga was enough for her to pursue a more regular practice and during this time she came across one of her mentors Barbara Rich of Kripalu who taught a very meditative, breath-focused sequence that resonated deeply with Shagufta. This foundation of breath-work would become a guiding light for her during a time of loss in her family and helped her begin her journey into a formal training of mind and body. Yoga saved her!

    Shagufta completed her 200-hour Yoga Alliance Fluid Yoga certification program under Kevin Gale and his extraordinary team of teachers in May 2016. She is now very excited to share the psychological and physical benefits of Yoga with those around her as a registered teacher under Yoga Alliance. While her classes are technically in the style of Vinyasa Flow, her Yin approach to teaching encourages focusing on mindfulness and breath, and she hopes her classes can serve as a restorative time for body, mind & spirit.

Barbara Rich

Yoga Instructor

    Barbara J. Rich, M.Ed. received her Kripalu Yoga teacher training certification at the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health in Lenox, MA.

    She has found that F.E.A.R is often False Evidence Appearing Real. Through the ancient practices of meditation, mindfulness and Yoga, all of us can change our brain circuitry. She intends to stay totally healthy until she can’t get up from Downward Facing Dog!

    Born in 1934, Barbara intends to be the oldest Yoga/Meditation/Authentic Living teacher in Massachusetts!